Loans without a penny – useful tips and offers

Loans without a penny transfer are extra money in your wallet. When applying, you do not need to provide your bank account for verification.

Loans without a penny – what’s that?


A quick loan without a penny is financial support provided by a non-bank company. You can read more about financial institutions operating in Poland in the article: Who can borrow money in Poland?

What makes loans different without a penny? They are an easily available form of financial support – they are granted on the basis of checking the customer’s identity (ID card) and without additional certificates (e.g. without verification in the GFI databases). As the name suggests, when applying for loans without a penny, you do not need to make a verification transfer.


Non-bank companies specialized in processing applications and granting loans to the account without transferring a penny. Because the money is not granted by the bank, but from the pool of funds collected by a private company, client verification is carried out in a completely different, much simpler way than in the case of traditional loans.

It is worth remembering that on the market you can find payday loans for those in debt without paying a penny or a loan without their own bank account.

A loan without a penny transfer – is it safe?

A loan without a penny transfer - is it safe?

Securing a loan with a verification transfer is not intended to discourage or hinder you from receiving additional money. This is a quick identification of the customer and confirmation that you are you.

Transferring a small amount – from just a penny – is good security in case someone tries to impersonate you and allows you to reduce the number of frauds in loans.

24h loans without a penny – check where you can get it soon

Is “bypassing” this procedure and choosing a loan for 18 years without transferring a penny safe? Yes, if you follow the rules. Here they are:

  • you borrow with your head – you count, compare and check offers,
  • you have an emergency exit – in case of repayment problems, someone (family, friends) is always able to help you,
  • you don’t overestimate amounts – you apply exactly as much as you need.

Pros of a quick loan without a penny transfer


A loan without verification in the databases is a financial product that, although it is exposed to an additional risk – due to the very short repayment deadline – also has a number of advantages, which we wrote about, among others in the article Instantaneous hand – how to take a payday loan?

Undoubted advantages of loans without transferring a penny include:

  • no formalities – a penny loan is not a loan. You don’t have to have a very good credit history, and you’ll usually receive cash without any additional certification, e.g. from a workplace,
  • availability – loans without a penny via sms or the Internet – decide for yourself what form of contact with a non-bank company is most convenient for you,
  • costs – loans without a penny transfer can be really cheap. When? When you comply with the terms of the contract and pay the obligations on time,
  • purpose – trip, renovation, car? You decide for yourself what you will use a penniless loan and, what’s more, you don’t have to inform the loan company about planned expenses.

The cost of a loan without a penny is often USD 0, and the actual annual interest rate, i.e. APRC, is 0%. The condition is a timely payment of liabilities to the loan company!

A penniless loan – for whom?


Loans without verification, payday loans or loans without a penny are financial products targeted at a wide audience. Why? Because loans without a transfer of 1 penny can be applied by virtually every adult who has a valid ID card.

It does not matter whether you are currently working or unemployed, studying, studying, receiving a pension. In each of these situations, you can apply for a quick loan without paying 1 penny.

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